07/01/2017 | 65th Anniversary of Kern County Parks and Recreations

Jul 1, 0000Z-2359Z,

K6A thru K6J, Bakersfield, CA. Kern County-Central Valley Amateur Radio Club W6LIE . 14.240. Certificate & QSL. Larry Callahan, 3709 White Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93309. Special event for the 65th anniversary of the Kern County Parks and Recreations. We will be on 20 and 40 meters, SSB, Digital and CW. For QSL information for card or certificate, see W6LIE.org. Work 5 of the special event call signs K6A thru K6J for certificate. For more information QRZ. www.w6lie.org

K6A  Larry                   K6F  Ben

K6B  Richard               K6G Jim

K6C  Terry                   K6H  Dan 

K6D  Dar                      K6I    Reggie

K6E  Lou                      K6J  Ken